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Ever Wanted To Know About Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Learn What Clay Pigeon Shooting Is

To learn about a new sport it is wise to find out about its roots to help understand its terminology and what is involved to take part. We have researched the history and different types of Clay Shooting to assist you in understanding what is involved in the sport and something about the people that take part.

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Learn How To Shoot Clay Pigeons

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a sport which involves skill and natural talent but to begin with most of us just need to master the basic techniques. There are a series of lessons to follow that can help us all achiever some of our goals. The rest is practise combined with talent. This is however the place to start.

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Find Out Where To Shoot Clay Pigeons

Knowing where to go to shoot clays is important especially for the first timer. The options are quite varied depending upon the type of shooting that you want to learn about and take part in, whether you need tuition or just want to turn up and shoot. What ever your requirement Clay shooters are very welcoming.

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